Massage Therapy / Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep pressure is applied within knots that form in the muscles then we add a combination of stretching and hot/cold ointments which break down the toughness of the muscle that causes pain. It can help with the relief of pain while restoring range of motion of the tissue. This has been shown to help people with postural strains to athletes with acute injuries.

Massage Therapy Treatments may include:

  • Swedish Techniques, Relaxation, and Deep Tissue Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy with hot towel applications
  • Exercise stretching techniques

Why Choose Our Massage Therapy Experts?

Our experts Amanda Chu & Malena Yan are both registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and practices a variety of massage therapy techniques to decrease muscular pain and overall stress. Our Registered Massage Therapists have experience with orthopedic, rehabilitation as well as massage-specific clinics and has helped hundreds of patients in the past. They continue to work closely with you to achieve your health goals.

What To Expect at Your Visit:

An overall health check-up and clinical questions pertaining to any specific issues you would like us to target. We have a nice atmosphere and ambient massage room with extra pillows, sheets, and even hot towels to help relax your muscles before and after your massage. Our massage therapists treat a variety of conditions and look forward to helping you with your needs.

Registered Massage Therapy
30 Minutes - $75 + HST
45 Minutes - $95 + HST
60 Minutes - $115 + HST
90 Minutes - $160 + HST

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